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Jesus told his disciples to make disciples of all nations. One of the most important values of Lock Haven Baptist Church is our commitment to spread the Gospel to the world. The desire to see lives transformed by Christ’s saving power begins in our own community spreading across the seas to every nation. Lock Haven members are actively involved in a variety of missions-minded ministries from ministering in nursing homes and caring for widows to sending out missionaries from our own congregation. There’s a place of service for every person seeking an opportunity to be used by the Lord, so come serve with us! 

Mission Outreach

Lock Haven is thrilled to take part in the spreading of God’s kingdom around the world. We believe it to be our responsibility to ensure the Gospel is taken to every land, and we do this by supporting missions both financially and prayerfully.  The missionaries supported by Lock Haven Baptist Church are located in Uganda, India, Italy, Greece, America, Ireland, Thailand, and Mexico.  Beginning in 2014, it is our goal to take a small team of workers to one of our missions’ families to assist  with practical projects and evangelistic outreach.  The 2014 trip is scheduled for Honduras and will allow our team to help host a Vacation Bible School during Christmas break.  Our people are encouraged to respond to God’s call for laborers. We encourage all of our people to respond to God’s call for laborers—whether on a foreign field or right here in the Orlando/Kissimmee area.



God-honoring worship is always at the forefront of our services, and the music is what prepares the heart for that worship.  Many of our members are involved in this ministry through song and the playing of various instruments.  Our choir genuinely loves the Lord and understands the great privilege of singing for the Lord’s glory.  More than entertain, we long for our music to draw people to the Savior.


 Our ushers fill a very important role at Lock Haven.  They are involved in directing visitors to their seats, securing the safety of the building during services, guiding traffic, answering questions, providing direction, locking and unlocking doors, and ensuring that the service proceeds problem-free. The usher team have servants’ hearts and are committed to helping provide a safe, warm, and relaxing worship service.

Media & Technology

With the rapidly-advancing technology, spreading the Gospel has become easier and much faster.  With privilege though comes great responsibility.  We are committed to using technology to the best of our ability to advance the kingdom of God for Christ’s glory.  All our weekly sermons are uploaded to the website in both video and audio formats.  We also maintain an active Facebook account for an additional opportunity of ministry.


Marriage Counseling

Any couple who has been married for any length of time can attest to the fact that marriage can be tough.  Misunderstanding, confusion, resentment, and anger can all cause division between a couple and without careful attention, can be the undoing of a marriage commitment.  Several experienced couples at Lock Haven Baptist Church serve other families as marriage counselors and mentors.  Their role in listening, compassionate understanding, selfless service, and encouragement to struggling couples has, by God’s grace, helped some to renew their commitments to the Lord and to each other.  Couples have found fresh hope and new joy by receiving counsel from those who’ve already walked in their shoes and offer Biblical answers with certainty and confidence.


Prayer Warriors

Prayer cannot be overstated because prayer moves the hand of God.  Lock Haven Baptist Church is a body of believers dependent upon prayer, and committed to God’s sovereignty. Each Sunday, during the morning service, a team of volunteers is praying for the ministry of the Word. Throughout the week, volunteers to our Prayer Warriors team, pray for their pastor, a list of church members, any special requests, and missionary prayer needs. Each Wednesday, the church comes together for a special time of prayer and Bible study.


Deaf Ministry

One of our newer ministries at Lock Haven is our deaf ministry.  With several interpreters, every worship service offers the opportunity for the deaf to participate and understand the message from God’s Word. 

Children’s and Youth Bible Clubs

On every occasion that a child is taught the Bible, the potential to influence that child for life is raised exponentially.  The Lord Jesus placed great emphasis on ministering to children, and in like manner, we take very seriously the responsibility to care for the children in our charge.   Our children’s and teens Bible clubs meet every Wednesday at 6:30 pm.  This special time gives young people another opportunity for interaction and customized learning in a setting that allows them a relaxed, fun evening.  Our friendly Bible club volunteers have an endless stream of creativity–ranging from puppet shows, to games, to object lessons.  Our kids’ programs are proof positive that church is supposed to be fun!

Bus Ministry

Our bus ministry provides children and adults who have no other means of transportation with an opportunity to participate in every service.  Our buses are in operation during every service—not just for the Wednesday evening kids’ club.  We believe that everyone needs the opportunity to learn about God, His free gift of salvation, His Word, and His will for their lives. We are always looking for qualified, dedicated, and compassionate people to work in the bus outreach department.


Spanish Ministry

We desire to share the love of God and salvation through His son Jesus Christ with the Spanish-speaking community first by having a Bible Class taught in the Spanish language, also by interpreting during our worship service. We are excited to equip our Spanish-speaking members with God’s Word as they go forth and lead others to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. 


We recognize that providing a well-staffed, clean, safe environment helps to assure parents that their little ones are content and cared for.  Parents can have peace of mind ensuring that their own Bible studies are more enjoyable and productive.  Nursery is provided for newborns through three-year year olds.



Camp Counselors

Each summer, Lock Haven Baptist Church attends both a youth and a junior camp.  The week-long events involve preaching several times a day, games, great food, good worship, and the intentional influence of camp counselors. The camp counselors are selected, screened, and trained for these vital camp weeks.  Countless thousands of teens’ lives have been impacted by camp week, and many counselors feel this is the single most-important week in their lives.



Nursing Home Ministry

Nearly 70% of residents in nursing homes in the United States never receive a visit from anyone outside their facility.  Who will visit them?  Some have family in other states, some have no family at all, and many are forgotten.  They call the bank to get the weather and time just to hear a human voice.  They sit with their eyes locked on a room door that never opens waiting for a loved one who never comes.  Who will let them know that they are important?  Who will share God’s love and concern with them to restore personal dignity long since forgotten.  Lock Haven’s nursing home ministry provides pastoral care to the residents and staff in a group setting every 4th Sunday of the month.  The residents get ready just as if they were going to a real “church”.  Besides the monthly service, we also visit every Friday morning where a group of our ladies sing hymns and pray with the residents.  Could the Lord use you to help in this important outreach?