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Lock Haven Baptist Church is not a place for side-line spectators.  Instead, we consider everything we do to be a team effort, carefully designed to bring glory to God.  Whether you are a five-year-old child, a ninety-five-year-old grandmother, a busy mom, or a businessman with great responsibilities, we want you to be a part of our vibrant church community.

There are opportunities to learn, to serve, and to grow at Lock Haven Baptist Church.  We invite you to explore how the Lord could potentially use you for His service.

Sunday School

Often, small groups of people are better able to interact and learn about a topic than larger groups are. For that reason, Lock Haven Baptist Church has small Bible studies held at 10:00 every Sunday morning. The size of the group is anywhere from six to twenty.  Individual participation is welcomed and even encouraged!  See your spiritual growth explode with concentrated, personalized Bible teaching!

Discovery Club and Youth Zone

Each Wednesday evening at 6:30, children get to participate in their own classes. Bible lessons are taught in such a way that each child is allowed to take an active part, making learning the Bible exciting and fresh every week.   Each of the class teachers is carefully screened with checks and thoroughly trained in children’s instruction.

The youth ministry of Lock Haven Baptist Church is one that we emphasize greatly. They meet Sunday morning for Sunday school, have youth choir on Sunday evenings, share wonderful fellowship in the Teen Zone ministry on Wednesday evenings, are being taught valuable soulwinning skills during teen visitation efforts, and have regularly-scheduled fellowships and outings together.  Our youth are not perfect, but they are genuinely interested in growing in grace.  They take a very active part in all the ministries at Lock Haven and are challenged to set the example.  There are plenty of fun activities scheduled each month, as well as many opportunities to learn how to serve in the local church.  Our youth plan and execute banquets, raise their own camp fees by earning camp credit during organized work days, and assist in nursery and sound ministries.  There’s a place for you in the Lock Haven Baptist Church youth group.

Young Adults

Let’s face it…life can get complicated once you cross that nebulous threshold into adulthood. There are complex decisions… bigger stakes. Serious relationships weigh in the balances, with a whole lot more riding on life choices.  The young adult group of Lock Haven Baptist Church provides a warm, friendly atmosphere for college and early-career- aged young people.  We recognize that singles are no longer teens, yet they do not fall into the married classification either.  They are a unique group with very particular spiritual needs.  In our Singles’ class, we address those spiritual needs, while helping them reach their full potential as leaders.

Women’s Group

The Ladies’ ministry of Lock Haven offers both younger and older women of the Lord opportunities to encourage one another in spiritual growth and in their roles of wives, mothers, and leaders.  We recognize that life is busy for women, but making time for our ladies to have regularly-scheduled times of relaxation and refreshment is priority.  Our Quilting Group is led by an experienced quilter and offers more than just a fun skill; the ladies are blessed with spiritual encouragement, taught the fundamentals of the faith, and inspired to live to their full potential as daughters of the King of kings.

Men’s Accountability Group

Accountability among men is an act of integrity.  Accountability is designed to protect, encourage, and develop men of all ages.  Accountability groups of three are formed among the men of LHBC. Accountability groups meet together as their schedules allow and keep in touch by email or phone.

Married Couples

Even though marriage is one of the most important institutions, it is the one which is under the most attack–internally and externally. Lock Have Baptist Church gives married couples the opportunity to join classes ranging on topics from Marriage and Money, Getting Ready for Kids, Shepherding Children, Marriage and Sex.  It is true that a healthy marriage is a happy marriage.  Learning how to have a healthy marriage is possible—you can have a Christ-filled home!

Over 50’s

Think only the younger generations have fun?  Once you pass 50-years-old, the fun has only just begun! Whether retired, just plain tired, or are as active as ever, the over-50 group of Lock Haven provides refreshment, ministry, and times of valuable interaction. A mentoring ministry gives older believers a chance to meet with and help younger believers grow in Christ.